You might remember back in June when I had the pleasure of interviewing author Alison Pace, reviewing her latest novel A Pug’s Tale and even hosting a little giveaway for you all – well, Alison will be back on the blog next month and she’s kindly agreed to partake in another Q&A! This time I’m saving room for some reader questions as well, so if you have a query for Alison you can fill out the form in the sidebar and ask away! I’ll be taking questions throughout the rest of the month before selecting a few for Alison to answer on the blog in November.

Also, I was genuinely delighted to see one of my latest posts, Lessons from Tom Ford to an Unlikely Fashionista, included in last week’s Links à la Mode roundup over at Independent Fashion Bloggers; be sure to check out all the other fabulous links in the full list below!

You animal.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a LALM roundup, and it’s nice to be back! You’ve been busy little bloggers—some trend reporting here, a little schmoozing backstage at Salvatore Ferragamo there, and a lot of DIYing. You’re veritable blogging animals, with fabulously-spotted hides to match! Yeah, the animal trend—prints, furs, style stalking, what have you—with this round of posts, consider it done. And well-done, I might add.


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There has been so much happening within the world of blogging lately, so much to see and read and experience; I feel like I’ve fallen behind to some degree! So here I am to catch up with you all, just in case you missed any of these moments. I’ve had the great privilege of taking part in several wonderful blog events, first of all, so I’d like to talk a bit about those…

Fashion TalesFashion Lyrics: A Group Song

As part of her birthday celebration, lovely Madison of Fashion Tales created an event focusing on translating music through fashion and I was quite honored when she invited me to be a part of it. Our task was to take a favorite lyric or song title and create a visual interpretation of it in some way. As someone quite passionate about music as well as fashion I was, of course, thrilled by the opportunity. I decided to share an outfit because it seemed like an incredibly fun challenge. My song title of choice was George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue which has been a favorite of mine since before I can remember. As soon as I opened my closet doors I knew I wanted to incorporate this Oscar de la Renta tunic I scored earlier this year from a sample sale on Beyond the Rack. You can read all about my interpretation over here and see all the contributions to Madison’s event from the other fabulous bloggers: Ashley of Ashley3Emergy, Jamillah of Made to Travel, Kirstin Marie, Cheryl of Oh To Be A Muse and Lani of Mon Petite Chou Chou (who I’ve just met through the event and whose blog is absolutely divine, be sure to check it out)!

ForelsketNovel Days

My great friend Britta of Forelsket held her very first blog event this week and I’m honored to have been a part of it. “Novel Days”, as you may have guessed, was a celebration of the love between a girl and her favorite piece of literature. All the participants shared a picture and small write-up on either their favorite title or the book they’re currently reading. It was a pleasure to write about Jane Eyre, which, if you didn’t know, is my favorite novel. I’ve talked about how much I love it countless times, but for this event I really tried to delve into the whys of my passion for Charlotte’s great classic. I quite enjoyed reading about the selections from the other participants – among them Gabrielle of Cinderbella’s/Cinderbella’s Diary and Kristin of Bon Bon Rose Girls! You can read all of our literary musings at Forelsket.

Beautifully Invisible – We Are Women. We Are Beautiful. We Are Real: Part One, Part Two

This actually happened at the beginning of the month and I mentioned it briefly in a previous post. I regret that I didn’t give it more attention then because this series by the phenomenally inspiring B of Beautifully Invisible was an absolute triumph. If by some chance you missed it please do go read through both parts; B invited…27, I believe, of us lady bloggers to share a picture of ourselves that we thought represented our real selves as well as a write-up on our opinion on the term “real women”, what makes us real women and why we love being just who we are. Reading how proud each woman is of her real self was so moving. As for my pictures, I was torn between a few and in the end I left it up to B to choose for me (she’s nice like that). With these two I attempted to make a little statement: I remember years ago reading an article (I wasn’t searching for it, mind you!) on “skinny poses”, little tricks on how to stand for pictures in ways that will make you look slimmer. Amazingly enough, that odd splaying of hands across the stomach was one of them. It struck me that I’ve never seen anyone stand like that in my life, and how absurd the whole concept was. Jump ahead to Real Women: I thought it would be an apt representation of Real Me to show the difference between an uncomfortable, “shape-altering” pose and a much more natural stance: me just being me. You can read my musings on the adventure of body image acceptance in Part One of B’s series, along with thirteen other inspiring bloggers.

Thank you to the women who invited me to contribute to all these events. I’m so honored to be thought of among the great talents and inspiring ladies who make up this wonderful community of bloggers. I’ll wrap this post up soon, but I’ve a few more things to share first!

Beautiful bits from around the blogosphere…
- The Simply Luxurious Life – Why Not…Be Casually Elegant?
- The Loudmouth Lifestyle – MDFW (start at the first post and work your way up!)
- Dress With Courage – Become a Better Blog Writer: Part One, Part Two
- Kirstin Marie – DIY Floral Mary Janes
- The Simply Luxurious Life – To Think For Yourself
- Full Time Fabulous – Serenity Now
- Dress With Courage – Outfit Post: Why Fat Is Not a Feeling
- Full Time Ford – Interview: Tom Gets Personal on The Talks

Is something different on The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower?…
I’ve been tweaking the design here and there, if you happened to notice. The biggest job I’ve done is that of melding all the blog’s categories and pages into the top navigational menu. Clicking on the top tabs for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Books and Community will take you to the master category for each. As I attempt to broaden my content you’ll find sub-categories and related pages that drop down when you mouse-over the main ones. (Such as Blogging Tips, Guest Posts, Events and my wonderful, in-need-of-an-update Blogroll under Community.) My goal for several months now has been to find a cohesive way to provide all necessary navigational links in one place; I’d love your feedback on how well you think this set-up works and if there are any elements I might be missing.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

I’m thrilled that my recent post on fine vs. fashion jewelery was included in Beautifully Invisible‘s Link Love with a Twist series; tremendous thanks to Madison of Fashion Tales for recommending it. I was excited by the response my post received because it did exactly what I’d hoped it would do: generated conversation and put the focus on the comments. Every single comment was so thoughtful and informative. It makes me incredibly happy to know those of you who read my blog are willing to take the time to contribute your thoughts in any detail. As a blogger I think writing a post that intentionally puts the focus on the conversation in the comments can feel intimidating and even a bit risky; what if no one comments? When you write something that’s contained in the article itself it becomes a success just for being written and comments are the icing on the cake, that extra motivation to keep going, but when you write with the intention of starting conversation you’re relying on others for success in the end. I feel like my confidence and this blog itself have both grown from the experience and I definitely plan on exploring those waters again. So thank you to everyone who helped make that post a success!

LINK LOVE with a TWIST, July 8, 2011

Link Love with a Twist is going through some growing pains at the moment. A few weeks ago I reached out to a couple of people and asked for their feedback on the series. Since then it has become clear that a general reevaluation, including some re-branding and schedule adjustments, are in its future.

This week, as you read through the great posts below, I hope you’ll take a moment to think about Link Love and share your feedback on the series in the comments below. What do you love? Hate? What would you like to see changed? What is missing?

Be brutally honest. I can take it.


55th Street – “Faces I found”: “I’ve always been really into portraiture and she managed to capture some really great images of the people of Stockholm. They’re beautiful, and they really express the personality of each person very well.” – Cate of inkblot*photography

The Citizen Rosebud – Spin it, Spinster: “I am 41 and seeing this post makes me feel like I still have more to look forward to. I feel I have a kindred spirit in Bella. Her post showed me that someone else went through the same growing pains of trying to blend in, then later realizing it’s better to stand out. All the struggles I have had with myself internally, she has poured out like poetry in this post. It is like a private conversation as if we are the only two having it, but yet speaks to everyone. It is beautiful.” – Cyrillynn of Any Second Now

Dress With Courage – Dressing rooms, crying, and why I’m over it: “I’m new to Elissa’s blog (discovered her here), and her writing is brilliant. She always manages to strike a chord.” – Marissa of The Well-Appointed Catwalk

Dress With Courage – Guilt: Nobody’s Fault But My Own: “Elissa is quickly becoming one of my blogging heroes. Her posts are consistently thoughtful, beautifully written and flat out inspirational. I don’t know how she does it, but I swear each one is better than the last. here she tackles the subject of guilt – something that 99.99% of women are all too familiar with. I know I could certainly relate.” - B of Beautifully Invisible

The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous – What’s UP?: “Commenting is always a subject of some debate in the blogosphere. To comment or not to comment? Respond or visit their blog? What if you have nothing to say? Do you force it? Feel obligated? Tanvi temporarily shut down commenting on her blog and found it liberating! Read about her experience and check out the comments too for some food for thought. “ – B of Beautifully Invisible

The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower – Jewelry: Fine vs. Fashion: “This post was interesting for me, having worked in the costuming department of jewellery making and loving vintage pieces as well as others. I liked this post because, though I wear both fine and fashion jewellery Casee (along with many of the commentors) presents great points and feelings of acquiring jewellery whether on trend or not – a slight examination of the pros, the cons, and just mere preference.” – Madison of Fashion Tales

The Loudmouth Lifestyle – On keeping the glass half-full…: “I felt like Steph from the Loudmouth was speaking FOR me in her post “On Keeping the Glass Half Full…” Choosing to keep your blog positive does not mean your life is perfect, it means you are choosing to be positive.” – Jamillah of made-to-travel

made-to-travel – Smile-File: Oh These Words: “While it doesn’t surprise me one bit that bright light of the bloggersphere Jamillah would note the power of words, her post on the power of words came to me as a lovely gift. In it she shares 5 powerful statements that when used can change the world for the better. I also appreciate her proper attribution to the original blogger and post that inspired hers.” – Bella of The Citizen Rosebud

made-to-travel – What I Wore: I Tumble: “Her outfit is cute, the photos are pretty and the information she gives on using Tumblr and it’s benefits are awesome. I learned quite a bit. She gives a great mini-tutorial.” – Yvonne of Fashion RECON

Mrs. Bossa Does the Do – Charity Shopping: Mrs. B’s Mini Guide: “I’ve never been able to get into the whole thrifting thing. It’s not that I have anything against thrifting – quite the contrary. I am usually in awe of the things bloggers score, and sometimes the accessories they find leave me speechless. My problem is I don’t like hunting for things, and generally when I walk into a thrift shop I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed, so I walk right back out. Mrs B. shared some of her thrifting pointers with her readers and they actually have me contemplating a trip to some thrift shops this weekend. It’s a great read for old and new thrifters alike!” – B of Beautifully Invisible

Yes and Yes – True Story: I Survived Hurricane Katrina: “Ashe of Dramatis Personae retells her experience surviving hurricane Katrina. Heartbreaking and inspiring are the most apt words for this post.” - Jamillah of made-to-travel


Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit their favorite post of the week!

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