Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

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I’m Casee Marie. I like pancakes, pajamas, and Paul Newman.

My journey as an online creative began in 2003 and has carried me through various arts, communities, and fields of expression as I’ve grown into my own authentic self. A lifelong anxiety sufferer, I find myself now on the path to taking control of my life – and my self-worth – from a place of strength and peace. I call this process quiet courage, as it suits my introvert self well. As I’ve unearthed the confidence to share my story I’ve been inspired and encouraged by friends along the way, which is what keeps me coming back to this space from time to time to share some new thoughts and musings as they arise. I often write about the facets of a “quietly courageous” life – practices of self-validation, universal kindness, and the ever-fickle virtue of patience. Through journaling, photography, knitting, drawing, and cooking I’ve embarked on replacing the fearfulness of life with creative curiosity and a good deal of compassion. I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to spend your time in my little corner; I hope you’ll find connection in the stories I share here.

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