About Casee Marie

Hi there! I’m Casee Marie: resident classic film fan, animal lover, dessert enthusiast, and newly-minted Beatles devotee. For as long as I can remember Audrey Hepburn has been my greatest inspiration; as a child I was enchanted by her unique grace and crooked smile, and as an adult I was deeply moved by her perseverance and her compassionate heart. As an Audrey-loving gal would be, I’m entirely obsessed with Paris, from the fashion history to the art history to the literary history. Give me the Paris of Hemingway and Stein, of Degas and Monet; the Paris where a young Coco Chanel was romanced by Boy Capel; the Paris where Sabrina Fairchild tried to shake her starry-eyed love for David Larabee; and, of course, the Paris where Gene Kelly sang and danced his way into Leslie Caron’s heart. I’ve always loved the simple elegance of the Parisian aesthetic, its deep appreciation for beauty and its ability to nurture the creative soul. Sadly, though, my dream life in Paris is still just a dream; in reality I’m a twentysomething writer living in Connecticut. But you know what they say: those who can’t live in Paris…pretend.

I would categorize everything I’ve learned from Audrey into four traits: compassion, elegance, discernment, and an enduring hope born of courage. Much of what I put into The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower is defined by those characteristics as I try to keep them paramount in my life. I love exploring different creative elements and examining their unique effects on my personal style. Whether it’s design, art, fashion, or culture, I do my best to snapshot what moves me and write about why. My musings on literature eventually prompted the creation of Literary Inklings, my journal of bibliophilia where I share mostly book reviews, as well as the occasional bookish event or essay. Feel free to stop by there if you, like me, are not adverse to slipping off the ballet flats, donning a sweater of the Mr. Rogers ilk, and spending Saturday night with your nose stuck in a really good book.

If you’d like to read a more formal bio (in third-person and everything) about my writing experiences, collaborative history, and other such fancypants business, click here.

Otherwise, bienvenue, and thanks for stopping by!