Weekend Reads #23

Time has been flying by like crazy this month and I haven’t had nearly as much time as I’d like to catch up on my around-the-web reading, but here are a few bits I’ve read lately that I found pretty share-worthy.

01. If you’re not following the restoration of Chateau Gudanes go correct that mistake! A young Australian woman and her husband bought the 18th century French ruin and she’s keeping a blog of the restoration process. It’s amazing. (And it’ll make your home spring cleaning to-do list look a lot less intimidating.)

02. 36 Times Jess Mariano Completely Melted Your Heart on Gilmore Girls. ‘Nuff said.

03. I need to try this Kate Spade-inspired DIY on my many Ikea boxes.

04. Sophie Dahl is that famous person I want to be friends with (along with Clinton Kelly and Drew Barrymore and Adele, etc.) so I was super excited when I found out that Sophie recently transformed her website into a blog, At the Kitchen Table, where she and her friends talk food, fashion, beauty, literature, family, and life all with that cozy, homemade vibe that Sophie does so well.

05. Nick Kristof wrote a beautiful piece on Marina Keegan, whose book The Opposite of Loneliness has just been posthumously released. Keegan was a recent Yale graduate with a play in production and an upcoming job at The New Yorker when she died tragically in a car accident two years ago; her views and aspirations for the world live on, though, and they’re deeply inspiring.

06. On a lighter note, have you seen those great touristy photos Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan took around New York? They’re the best.

07. My sister and I tried one of Robyn’s recipes before and her bacon-wrapped chicken caught my this week. (We tried her caprese grilled chicken with balsamic reduction and it’s amazing.)

08. Some beautiful thoughts on overcoming low self-esteem; this is one I could always stand to re-read.

09. This might be counter-productive to share on a blog, but I love the idea of a technology detox; I always try to make my weekends tech-free, but the guided details here are especially interesting.

This weekend I’ll be bookstore-visiting, reading Helen Simonson’s Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand for my TBR challenge, listening to Pharrell’s new album a million more times, and gearing up for the final season of Mad Men. I don’t know if I’m ready for that one!