DIY: Turn a Scarf into a Shoulder Bag

Months ago, as part of Mattieologie’s blog event, I shared snapshots of how I style some of my many scarves in unexpected ways. A lot of you had been intrigued by the scarf-turned-shoulder-bag, so this week I thought I’d revisit that. Hopefully this little tutorial gives a bit more insight into how it’s done!

01. Lay your scarf out flat
02. Fold it in half
03. Knot both edges, leaving some length at the ends.
04. Unfold the scarf and tuck the knots underneath.
05. Flip the entire scarf over so your knots are facing up again.
06. Join the ends, lifting the scarf and shaking it gently to settle it into shape.
07. Knot the handles (for definition; if you want a slouchier bag you can skip this step).
08. Join the handles together and tie a small knot at the top.
09. Fill with your favorite beach reads and other goodies.
10. Proudly flaunt your scarf bag!

Tip: It’s best to use a square scarf for this trick – especially a big one, which gives you more to work with.

Have fun! And check back tomorrow for a special interview and a look at some truly spectacular jewelry.